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It is not advisable to use tires with very soft mix, like competition tires or ones that disintegrate. Glue can be used to hold the nails in place but it is not advisable. The best results will be from nails screwed into fresh tread or replacing the same stud into an existing hole.

ALWAYS test drive the nails for several miles at low speeds to ensure they do not dislodge from the tire. Nails may need to be tightened from time to time. Inspect the nails each time before use.

GLUE can be used to hold the nails in place. Some recommendations are listed below

Recommended Glue

  • Loctite 496
  • Loxeal 14
  • Cyberbond 1070 / 1008
Black Colored
  • Loctite 480
  • Loxeal 29
  • Cyberbond 2243